Nepal is the biggest natural museum in the world. Nepal is a country of stark geographical and cultural diversity. Siddhartha Gautama, who founded Buddhism, was himself born in Nepal.
Red Epic Camera
EPIC-X MYSTERIUM-X® is a high-performance, production-run DSMC® camera designed for professional still and motion image...
Red M-X Camera
Reliable and remarkable, the RED ONE (MYSTERIUM-X) championed 4K cinema with its revolutionary...

Color Correction with color 1.5

The HP DreamColor  LP2480zx Professional Display is the world’s only color-critical LCD based on hp DreamColor Engine technology. This uniquely affordable monitor delivers broad color support, rich visual quality and the most natural images.

For Color Correction Service
Services we offer
Red Cine 4k Camera & Accessories available for RENT
Dubbing / Recording/Effects/ Mixing (5.1 sound system)
Assimilate SCRATCH
Color Correction with color 1.5
Translation (Nepali dialogues to English/ English dialogues to Nepali)
Post Production works of DVD, HD, EX.1, EX.3, 2K, 4K, 16 MM and 35 MM Negative Films
Camera carrying vehicle, etc.